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May 14, 2020 Gas & Renewables

Natural Gas Supporting Clean Energy in Queensland

A new supply agreement from natural gas company, Senex Energy, will be boosting domestic supply in Queensland. The one-year agreement will see natural gas from Senex’s Project Atlas go to CleanCo, the Queensland Government’s …Read more
Feb 18, 2020 Gas & Renewables

A Path to a Cleaner Energy Future with Natural Gas and Batteries

Reducing global emissions has become a focus for many countries around the world. Natural gas, the cleanest traditional fuel source, has been highlighted by experts as crucial to the transition to a clean energy …Read more
Jan 20, 2020 Gas & Renewables

This Recent Partnership Means Australians Are About to Get More Solar Power

ESCO Pacific and Shell have announced today that they have formed a strategic partnership, combining ESCO Pacific’s solar development and asset management expertise together with Shell’s global scale and energy capabilities. ESCO Pacific is …Read more
Dec 09, 2019 Gas & Renewables

Natural gas and Solar Microgrid to Power Onslow, Western Australia

The Chevron-operated Wheatstone Project is helping provide access to affordable, reliable, ever-cleaner energy in the community of Onslow through a solar and natural gas powered microgrid. Together with the WA State Government, Chevron and …Read more
Nov 14, 2019 Gas & Renewables

World Energy Outlook Report Highlights Role for Natural Gas

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is a non-governmental organisation which focuses on four key areas; energy security, economic development, environmental awareness and engagement worldwide. Each year the IEA releases the World Energy Outlook report, …Read more
Aug 07, 2019 Gas & Renewables

How Solar Works

Solar power made up about 5% of Australian electricity generation in 2018. About 0.8% of that was from large-scale solar (sometimes called solar farms). The rest was from solar panels installed in around one-fifth …Read more
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