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Apr 18, 2019 Gas & Renewables

New Renewable Energy Report Focuses on Energy Mix

It’s official, 2018 was a bumper year for the renewable energy industry in Australia. A recently released report from the Clean Energy Council – the peak body for businesses operating in the sector – …Read more
Apr 04, 2019 Gas & Renewables

All You Need to Know About Hydrogen

You may have come across hydrogen in the news recently. Maybe something about how it could be used in vehicles and for cooking on barbeques and stovetops, or how Australia plans to send it …Read more
Apr 04, 2019 Gas & Renewables

Brighter Joins the Conversation at the National Sustainability Conference

Delegates from large and small businesses, academic institutions, not for profits and government attended the National Sustainability Conference in Brisbane in early April 2019. The conference schedule included speakers on a wide range of …Read more
Mar 21, 2019 Gas & Renewables

The Australian Town Forging a Clean Energy Future

A pilot program in the Western Australian town of Onslow is proving that natural gas and renewable energy sources like solar power are perfect partners to provide secure and cleaner energy. The Onslow Renewable …Read more
Nov 01, 2018 Gas & Renewables

How Wind Farms Work

Wind energy makes up around 5% of Australia’s electricity supply and over 30% of the renewable energy mix. It’s a growing source of clean energy, with some agencies and experts saying Australia could be …Read more
Sep 26, 2018 Gas & Renewables

The Solution to Household Pollution in Developing Countries? Natural Gas

The World Health Organization estimates that around four million people die every year in low and middle income countries due to household pollution, which is caused by cooking with solid fuels and kerosene.  Research …Read more
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