Press Release Jul 30, 2020

New NT Partnership Energising the Role of Natural Gas

The importance and major benefits of the natural gas sector in the Northern Territory will be highlighted as part of a new partnership between APPEA’s Brighter program and the Energy Club NT.

Brighter is an initiative of the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) and exists to showcase stories of natural gas and how it is used in everyday life.

The partnership focuses on education, community and business engagement and conducting workshops for members of the Energy Club NT, as part of its platform to connect the energy industry and stakeholders and sustain business relationships across the sector.

APPEA Public Affairs Director Sarah Browne said: “APPEA’s Brighter initiative is delighted to partner with the Energy Club NT, as a mutual interest membership association in the Territory with a similar focus on highlighting the importance and economic benefits of the energy sector.

“We also look forward to working with the Energy Club to showcase some of the people and small businesses in the NT and their invaluable contribution to the energy and natural gas industries.

“The oil and gas industry has a strong presence in the Territory, and this collaboration will provide additional resources for the Energy Club NT including to host events and seminars.”

Ms Browne said economic and employment opportunities of further developing the Territory’s onshore gas sector remains strong, and companies stand ready to continue to invest $1 billion to explore for natural gas and billions more if exploration is successful.

“Natural gas industries are employing many local people – including Indigenous Australians and small businesses – which Brighter and the Energy Club NT will be seeking to communicate to all Territorians,” Ms Browne said.

The agreement also provides an opportunity for collaboration between energy companies and natural gas industries through Brighter’s Bright Sparks program, which shares stories of hard-working people employed directly and indirectly by the natural gas industry.

“The partnership has delivered two new NT-based Bright Sparks, including Rob Smart, joining Brighter’s growing list of industry professionals who are doing extraordinary work to help power homes, towns, cities and businesses across Australia every day,” Ms Browne said.

ECNT CEO Sonia Harvey said the Energy Club NT looked forward to working with Brighter to promote the benefits of developing the NT’s resources and how this contributes to positive outcomes for the livelihoods of Territorians and all Australians.

“The Territory has a bright future with ongoing opportunities to continue developing our resources and building our local service and supply chain to significantly contribute to jobs and economic growth. It’s vital we ensure our industry profiles the benefits it brings to everyday lives,” Ms Harvey said.

Over the past 18 months, APPEAs Brighter initiative has been successfully communicating with people about the role natural gas plays in our daily lives.


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