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Feb 18, 2021 People & Industry

Judging commences for Brighter-sponsored STEM scholarship

Natural gas is a known STEM field offering an incredible number of career pathways. What’s STEM? It’s an acronym that stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Discussion around STEM has become particularly prominent in recent years as the …Read more
Feb 17, 2021 In The Community

WA event brings together the best of the Mid West

Western Australia’s Mid West is famous for all sorts of things – fresh produce from land and sea, amazing tourist destinations, and thriving local communities.  The natural gas sector plays a large part in the region too as a key employer. It …Read more
Feb 11, 2021 People & Industry

Broome Bright Spark

An Operations Engineer with Buru Energy, Broome resident Ben Hoile is an Aussies Rules lover and a self-confessed bad golfer. He is also one of thousands of Australians engaged in the vital process of …Read more
Jan 29, 2021 Clean Energy Future

Future fuels: LNG is powering the next generation of shipping fleets

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a versatile fuel used in a variety of interests. It is a lower emissions fuel, producing comparatively fewer emissions than traditional vehicle fuels such as petrol, diesel and heavy …Read more
Jan 07, 2021 People & Industry

Filling the Tank: An Ode to Gas Cylinders

Natural gases are used in a wide variety of everyday products found in homes and worksites, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is no exception. Made of varying mixtures of propane and butane, LPG is …Read more
Dec 18, 2020 People & Industry

FSRU: The Giants of the Sea

Floating Storage Regasification Units (FSRU) are specially designed ships that have the capacity to store and convert large volumes of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for transportation by land and sea.   The liquefaction process requires that the LNG be …Read more
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