Bright Sparks are people that light up our industry in ways you won’t expect. Read the unique stories of the extraordinary individuals powering our homes, towns and cities, every day.
"It’s pleasing to know I am contributing to an energy source so present in everyday lives around the world." Ben's Story "Engineering is in my blood." Robert's Story "Some say 'it’s too risky, what happens if you fail?' I say it's about getting off your arse and giving it a go, the true Aussie spirit…" Jody's Story "We see gas as another way in which we can service our community." Sarah's Story "If you are willing and up for an adventure, working in remote Australia is well worth it." Cassy's Story "I don’t know if many people can say this, but I consider the people at Comet Ridge an extension of my family." Melanie's Story "What most interests me about my role is knowing that we are helping save lives..." Rob's Story “The gas industry has a critical leadership role to play in providing solutions to a number of environmental issues.” Lachlan's Story “Technology provides endless benefits for managing safety and efficiency” Darren's Story “The most important research is that which answers our real-life problems.” Yazan's Story “The best way to broaden your horizons is to pack up all your belongings and start a new chapter in your life!” Stuart's Story “The gas industry plays a role in the transition of the energy sector from fossil fuels to renewables.” Rachael's Story