I didn’t grow up thinking of the oil and gas industry as an option.

I was keen to get out and travel the world. I did a business and hospitality degree and then travelled working in corporate hospitality and hotel management. I joined the family business in 2017.

I have great memories of the time I spent at the service station as a kid.

Playing in the depot and trucks. Running a family business is hard work, and my parents and grandparents put in many hours to grow the business to where it is today. As a child, at the end of each month, we would sit around the kitchen table as a family and fold all the customer accounts, putting them in envelopes ready for the mail.

Thankfully many of them are emailed today, but we still fold and mail some accounts, and my daughter enjoys helping with them.

I & M Simpson & Son has been in business for 67 years.

As a fuel and oil distributor, we’ve provided gas solutions to customers for many years. Our third-generation family business has been operating now for nearly seven decades.

The great thing about being a family business is that we can have a close relationship with our customers and take the time to get to know them and provide the individual services they need. We see gas as another way in which we can service our community. Many locals rely on gas services for heating, hot water and cooking. We provide autogas, barbeque, home, and forklift gas to our customers.

Gas is a part of our everyday lives.

The great thing about being a family business is that we can have a close relationship with our customers and take the time to get to know them "

I did a course in goldsmithing 11 years ago and it’s become a passion.

It’s a wonderful feeling creating something so beautiful from metals and gemstones. Many of the pieces I create become engagement rings, or gifts marking celebrations. It’s special to be involved in moments that are filled with such joy.

I use gas in the manufacture of precious jewellery when melting and soldering gold or silver.

I recently represented TruckSafe in the Daimler Future Leader Forum.

We worked with the Australian Trucking Association on presenting key transport issues to parliamentarians. It was such a unique experience to take a behind the scenes tour of parliament house, meet with politicians and discuss the future of the trucking and fuel industries.

Disasters like COVID-19 have us focused on efficiency and community.

We know that when times are tough, it’s the locals that rally around to support each other. I’ve been proud to see how our community is supporting each other through COVID-19. Going forward, we’ll make sure the business is growing with the community and keeping up with what they need in these new and changed times.

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