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Sep 20, 2023 At Home

Wok the hei!?

‘Wok hei’ – literally translated as ‘breath of a wok’ – results from a complex interplay of factors that is part science, part art, part magic. – The Michelin Guide It is the chef’s …Read more
Apr 28, 2023 At Home

The Chef’s Secret: Recipe Book

You’ve watched Richo cook up some cracker cuisine. Now it’s your turn to hit the heat and prepare something special. Sizzle up some Aussie XO scallops for weekend guests or whip up a super-fast …Read more
Mar 30, 2023 At Home

The Chef’s Secret Season 3 – Every Episode!

Celebrity Chef Adrian ‘Richo’ Richardson been cooking with natural gas to sizzle up some delicious recipes, igniting flavour that will impress your family and friends in Season Three of The Chef’s Secret. You can …Read more
Mar 29, 2023 At Home

Mexican Spiced Roast Chicken – The Chef’s Secret Season Three

A roast chook. Is there a finer way to fill a plate? You can dress it up for a dinner party or down for a weeknight nosh. It’s easy, it’s tasty and it smells …Read more
Mar 23, 2023 At Home

The Shed Wireless Podcast Featuring Adrian Richardson

Chef Adrian Richardson, star of Good Chef Bad Chef and Brighter’s series The Chef’s Secret has been featured on the Australian Men’s Shed Podcast The Shed Wireless. Adrian recently visited his local Men’s Shed to share succulent …Read more
Mar 22, 2023 At Home

Stir-Fried Scallops in XO Sauce – The Chef’s Secret Season Three

Scallops are notorious for being difficult to cook perfectly. Timing is critical. Even a few seconds can make the difference between a succulent, flavourful scallop and a rubbery, overcooked one. Prepared correctly, scallops are …Read more
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