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Feb 26, 2020 At Home

Seeing the World Through the Eyes of an Engineer

Seeing the world through an optometrist’s eyes was something that sparked Carolyn Thomas’ initial career aspirations growing up. But the realisation that this meant lots of work in dark rooms, and with some support …Read more
Feb 25, 2020 At Home

The Chef’s Secret: Season Two – Chimichurri Wagyu & Beef Tataki

Live from Clifford Park Racecourse in Toowoomba, Adrian Richardson has been gifted a cube of award winning Mort & Co Wagyu beef. With the pressure of creating a dish that does this world-beating beef …Read more
Feb 18, 2020 At Home

A Path to a Cleaner Energy Future with Natural Gas and Batteries

Reducing global emissions has become a focus for many countries around the world. Natural gas, the cleanest traditional fuel source, has been highlighted by experts as crucial to the transition to a clean energy …Read more
Feb 18, 2020 At Home

The Chef’s Secret: Season Two – Aussie Brekkie Burrito

Does a full Aussie breakfast rolled up and ready to rock get your engine revving? Forget coffee, Adrian Richardson has a morning meal that’s going to have you buzzing and headed directly for the …Read more
Feb 11, 2020 At Home

The Chef’s Secret: Season Two – Celebration Skewers

This double hit of delicious will make your party one to remember. These Sirloin Skewers are a share plate sensation. Made with premium pasture fed Droughtmaster beef, marinated and sizzled until succulent. If that …Read more
Feb 04, 2020 At Home

A Queensland Farmer’s Partnership with Natural Gas Proves Beneficial

Australia Pacific LNG’s innovative Fairymeadow Road Irrigation Pipeline project is turning treated natural gas water into a valuable commodity and helping landholders in Miles develop new farming opportunities. Condamine feedlotter and cropping farmer Simon …Read more
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