Jun 21, 2019At Home

Research Finds The Ideal Distance to be from an Outdoor Heater

Australians love being outdoors. Whether that’s at the beach, the wide open spaces of our forests, mountains and deserts, or just at your local café or restaurant. However, enjoying the outdoors with a cup of coffee or something delicious to eat does require heating in winter.

Research from Brighter has looked into Australians’ preferences for heating outdoors. Firstly, almost half of us (44%) would prefer to sit outdoors where possible. Data also shows that 1 in 4 Australians say they’d spend more time outdoors (at home or out and about) if there was more adequate heating.

At a café or restaurant, the ideal seating position is officially two seats away from the nearest heater, with 25% of Australians preferring this.

Luckily natural gas heaters – whether attached to the roof, or as mushroom heaters – are often used outdoors to keep diners warm. It’s yet another way that natural gas is making our lifestyles possible every day.