Oct 09, 2018At Home

Women in Engineering at University of Queensland

The problems that engineering teams in any industry face are diverse, so the people that solve them need to be too. That’s why The University of Queensland have set up an award winning gender equity program, called Women in Engineering (WE).

The program focuses on educating female high school students about engineering careers, works to support women studying engineering at university and also acts as a connection point to the industry to help graduates transition successfully into careers.

Their goal is to get female participation rates in engineering studies to 30% by 2023, a big leap from just a couple of years ago. Currently, they have a female participation rate of 24.5% and both students and teachers that have engaged with the program at a high school level say that Women in Engineering has improved their understanding of engineering.

For more information on the program and how you can be involved see the UQ Women in Engineering site here.



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