Oct 11, 2018At Home

Australia, BBQ Capital of the World

Australians love a BBQ. Whether it’s a Bunnings sausage sizzle or a home-cooked steak, we’re well-known as fanatical about outdoor cooking. Recent research from a Roy Morgan study has confirmed this, suggesting a growing number of Aussies are enjoying their gas BBQs more than ever before.

According to the report, just under six million Australian households own a BBQ (around 63%). That gets as high as 75% in country SA and 73% in country WA. The researchers also say there’s about 400, 000 more BBQs in action since they last checked in 2011. That’s a lot of burger patties, steaks or veggie patties, however you look at it!

All in all this really does mean Australia is the BBQ capital of the world.


Whether you know it or not, gas plays a big part in almost all Australian homes. Most of us use it for cooking, hot showers or weekend BBQs with the family. Gas is also vital in keeping local businesses, schools and hospitals powered and running.