Aug 13, 2019People & Industry

Meet Mohit, An Example of What’s Achievable with a Career in Chemical Engineering

Mohit Mittal has worn a few different hats in his short career – student, engineer, aspiring cricketer and even a journalist working for a weekly publication in India for six years writing stories related to politics, the environment and public health.

While a large portion of his time working in the media was spent in the back office editing the news and supporting the publishing of the paper, Mohit also ventured out into the field writing contemporary stories on rural India.

“I was born in the countryside of the region, so my main focus was to bring our problems to the Government’s attention,” says Mohit.

In between stints working as a journalist, Mohit studied for his degree in chemical engineering at a university in Punjab. The qualification provided him with a gateway into the oil and gas industry, first starting out in a career in the process engineering department of a company in New Delhi.

His first assignment exposed him to licensing technologies used in oil and gas such as for sulphur removal before moving to a petrochemical firm in North India where he worked for 14 months before making the decision to move to Perth.

Though he now calls WA home, Mohit misses India as well as his family and friends dearly, not to mention the food and parties.

“Although Indian food is available here in Perth, it’s just doesn’t taste the same as what you get back home.

“I miss great Indian Weddings too. I haven’t attended a wedding for a couple of years now, but normally in India, we attend at least two a year,” said Mohit.

After graduating from ECU in 2018, Mohit now works at BE&R Consulting, Perth, which provides consultancy services to the oil, gas and energy sector.

At the company, Mohit is involved in various projects related to small scale LNG, FPSO, and technical due diligence. He is also working with Woodside through Vanguard Solutions for HAZOP and LOPA workshops.

“Within my first month, I was given the opportunity to work on the due diligence for an offshore oil and gas project based in Europe.”

While still young himself, Mohit is committed to spreading awareness of the oil and gas industry to school-aged children through the Petroleum Club’s Next Generation program.

“There is so much negativity, and pessimism about the business in almost every section of society and children are at the forefront; however, they were surprised when I shared my experience of working in the pharmaceutical sector where we manufactured an anti-inflammatory medication.”

The chemical engineering graduate mentions that sharing stories like his is essential as it brings awareness and displays how different professions are intertwined with the industry.

Outside of work, Mohit loves his cricket, playing for Perth Blasters as a fast bowler.

“I am blessed to have the ability to bowl with both hands, which is very rare in cricket.”

Now that he calls Australia home, Mohit says that he barracks for the Australian cricket team.