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Jan 13, 2022 In The Community

The Sound of Reef Recovery

‘Reef songs’ are being played underwater to aid the recovery of reefs. You read that correctly. The sounds of thriving, healthy reefs are being recorded, then broadcast underwater in degraded reefs. Why? To attract …Read more
Nov 23, 2021 In The Community

WA a gas powerhouse

Recently, Bright-r covered a new report showing how the WA natural gas industry could add nearly $440 billion to the state economy over the next 20 years. That’s a lot of moolah. And it’s a prospect that’s one step …Read more
Nov 17, 2021 In The Community

Raising the steaks

We weren’t allowed to use ‘fat cows’ in our headline, but rest assured that is what this story is about. A Queensland family working their grazing property in partnership with a natural gas company …Read more
Nov 03, 2021 In The Community

Teaming up for for cuttlefish conservation

Santos has partnered with AusOcean and students of Whyalla High School in South Australia to create a rig for monitoring local cuttlefish populations. Giant cuttlefish are cephalopods common to the Whyalla coast in the …Read more
Oct 27, 2021 In The Community

NT to the Front

It’s Northern Territory Resources Week and all eyes are looking North as three major industry conferences kick off under the roof of the Darwin Convention Centre. NT Resources Week is renowned for the ability …Read more
Sep 06, 2021 In The Community

Perth students get rare gas insight at Wheatstone

Natural gas is a big part of modern life, providing us with energy, fuel and all sorts of materials. But have you ever wondered how it gets from A to B? Students of Darling …Read more
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