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Dec 08, 2023 In The Community

$12M for Indigenous-led ranger program

  Indigenous rangers protect and manage their ancestral lands, preserving cultural heritage and promoting environmental conservation through a combination of traditional knowledge and modern practices. In acknowledgement of this critical work, Santos, along with …Read more
Nov 20, 2023 In The Community

Powering the Heart of Australia

Australia is a big, often inhospitable country. The sunburnt tyranny of distance makes an impact on the health and wellness of people in regional and remote communities. It’s just harder to get the same …Read more
May 12, 2023 In The Community

A chat with In.Site Awards ‘Community’ winner Shannon Hemmings

The In.Site Photographic Competition seeks to capture the unique beauty of the environments, communities and people that both surround the natural gas industry and make it possible. The natural gas industry plays a vital …Read more
Mar 08, 2023 In The Community

International Women’s Day 2023

It’s International Women’s Day (IWD) 2023! Annually on the 8th of March, people join together worldwide to recognise and celebrate women. For IWD 2023, this includes celebrating the thousands of women working in the …Read more
Dec 20, 2022 In The Community

Community connects for National Tropical Tree Day

The environment and mental health were a the forefront of the Gladstone community earlier this month as local students, shedders and gas businesses from the region joined forces for National Tropical Tree Day. The …Read more
Dec 14, 2022 In The Community

Iconic Project Fund: Secured

What makes a project iconic? Scale? Lasting impact? The ability to draw you back over and over? Something that can make a moment a memory? It’s a subjective thing. What is certain though; iconic …Read more
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