Feb 20, 2019In The Community

The Energy Company Working to Eliminate Ear Diseases in the Pilbara

Chevron Australia, a natural gas company operating in Western Australia, has been in partnership with Telethon Speech & Hearing for over eight years. Through that partnership the company has helped to significantly reduce the number of harmful ear conditions among Aboriginal children, improving school readiness and engagement across the West Pilbara.

In fact, Chevron states that since the partnership began the number of Aboriginal children under the age of seven affected by middle ear disease in the Pilbara has dropped from 51% to 33%, an enormous milestone. Nearly 9,000 screenings have been conducted through the Chevron Pilbara Ear Health Program, which provides free ear health education and services to primary school children in remote communities in the region through the Mobile Ear Health Clinic – a purpose-built vehicle that is the only one of its kind in Australia.

Principal of Roebourne School, David Paine told Chevron, “A lot of the issues in learning, a lot of the issues with behaviour are just down to the fact they can’t hear the instruction properly. If we can alleviate that concern, we can alleviate and address other concerns too.”

Untreated hearing loss in childhood can lead to devastating learning and behavioural difficulties later in life. Indigenous Australians are among some of highest peoples in the world affected by middle ear disease, which has been referred to as ‘the missing piece of the puzzle’ in indigenous disadvantage.

For more info on Chevron Australia’s commitment to achieving meaningful health outcomes in the communities in which they operate visit this link.


Image courtesy of Chevron Australia

Income from natural gas doesn’t just benefit those directly employed by the industry but does a lot to support the local communities that host gas projects. Small businesses and local economies in host communities and around the country benefit from this income.