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Feb 25, 2021 Clean Energy Future

The fake reefs where fish flourish

What is a an ‘artificial reef’, and how do these fake formations become magnets for marine life and a destination for divers? Australian gas companies are involved with the creation of these reefs, which …Read more
Feb 04, 2021 Clean Energy Future

Bright Sparks guest star at NT ‘Back to Business’ energy event

The Energy Club NT is holding its ‘Back to Business’ event today in Sandbar, Darwin, an annual gathering to discuss the future of the energy and resources sectors. Now in its fifth year, the 2021 event will feature a special presentation by Minister …Read more
Jan 29, 2021 Clean Energy Future

Future fuels: LNG is powering the next generation of shipping fleets

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a versatile fuel used in a variety of interests. It is a lower emissions fuel, producing comparatively fewer emissions than traditional vehicle fuels such as petrol, diesel and heavy …Read more
Nov 12, 2020 Clean Energy Future

How Natural Gas Can Help Reduce Emissions

Renewable energy, partnered with the flexibility and stability of natural gas, offers a compelling pathway to reducing global emissions according to the 2019 World Energy Outlook report.
Nov 12, 2020 Clean Energy Future

How Natural Gas Stabilises Renewable Energy Supply

As the world’s population grows and climate change becomes an increasingly real threat, cutting greenhouse gas emissions is a cause we all can and should support. Renewable energy sources are vital to a sustainable …Read more
Nov 12, 2020 Clean Energy Future

Cruising Cleaner

If you’re planning a post-COVID adventure on the high seas, you might find yourself cruising with gas. Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) has found a new role, becoming the maritime fuel of choice for cruise …Read more
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