Clean Energy Future

Nov 12, 2020 Clean Energy Future

Gas, Renewables and South Australia

South Australia is a renewable energy success story. The often-untold part of that story? It depends on natural gas. The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) reports 50 per cent of scheduled generation capacity for Summer …Read more
Oct 13, 2020 Clean Energy Future

Gas Vision 2050

Gas Vision 2050 (‘Vision’) describes an aspirational and attainable future for gas across Australia’s economy. With our population forecast to almost double to 40 million by 2050, Australia’s need for energy, food and materials …Read more
Oct 12, 2020 Clean Energy Future

Natural Gas Company, Cooper Energy, to be Carbon Neutral in 2020

Natural gas company, Cooper Energy, has announced today that it has become Australia’s first carbon-neutral domestic gas producer. The company will offset 100 percent of its 10, 022 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions for …Read more
Sep 17, 2020 Clean Energy Future

A Path to a Cleaner Energy Future with Natural Gas and Batteries

Reducing global emissions has become a focus for many countries around the world. Natural gas, the cleanest traditional fuel source, has been highlighted by experts as crucial to the transition to a clean energy …Read more
Jun 25, 2020 Clean Energy Future

The Australian Town Forging a Clean Energy Future with Renewables and Natural Gas

A pilot program in the Western Australian town of Onslow is proving that natural gas and renewable energy sources like solar power are perfect partners to provide secure and cleaner energy. The Onslow Renewable …Read more
May 14, 2020 Clean Energy Future

Natural Gas Supporting Clean Energy in Queensland

A new supply agreement from natural gas company, Senex Energy, will be boosting domestic supply in Queensland. The one-year agreement will see natural gas from Senex’s Project Atlas go to CleanCo, the Queensland Government’s …Read more
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