Clean Energy Future

Nov 24, 2021 Clean Energy Future

Contributing to clearer skies

Heating and cooking are vital parts of our day to day. The ease, convenience and speed of a gas stove or hot water system is just a part of life. It’s something so innate, …Read more
Nov 19, 2021 Clean Energy Future

WA to boon?

$439.9 billion could be added to WA’s Gross State Product over the next 20 years. That’s the equivalent of Elon Musk’s entire net worth (plus quite a bit of change). We know what you’re …Read more
Nov 11, 2021 Clean Energy Future

Tech vs. Emissions

Partnered with high-tech emissions reduction and removal projects nationwide, the natural gas industry is a genuine part of the conversation on climate action. With scale, infrastructure and a collection of Australia and the world’s …Read more
Nov 05, 2021 Clean Energy Future

Hydrogen Superbike incoming?

Ripped straight from the neon streets of some sci-fi video game, the Segway Apex H2 looks ready to take hydrogen-hybrid power to hyperspace. Announced as a concept in late 2019, Segway’s Apex H2 has …Read more
Nov 03, 2021 Clean Energy Future

How does natural gas support renewables?

We all want to do our part in taking care of the planet. Renewable energy sources like solar and wind are helping us to do that more effectively. But what happens when energy from …Read more
Oct 29, 2021 Clean Energy Future

COP26: Explainer

Confused about COP26? Well cop this, our quick explainer to the action over the next fortnight. COP26 is the United Nations Climate Change Conference. COP has an almost 30-year legacy of uniting near to …Read more
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