Clean Energy Future

Oct 29, 2021 Clean Energy Future

COP26: Explainer

Confused about COP26? Well cop this, our quick explainer to the action over the next fortnight. COP26 is the United Nations Climate Change Conference. COP has an almost 30-year legacy of uniting near to …Read more
Oct 28, 2021 Clean Energy Future

WA to develop hydrogen powerhouse

Western Australia is set to become a global leader in clean energy with the development of a world-class hydrogen and ammonia production facility in Perth. The facility will be one of the largest of …Read more
Oct 12, 2021 Clean Energy Future

Explainer: Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)

An increasing presence in the media and on our leaders’ lips, CCS is an emission reducing technology that works by trapping and storing carbon emissions. CCS is what it says on the tin. Greenhouse …Read more
Jul 20, 2021 Clean Energy Future

CAPTURED: Five Million Tonnes

A WA LNG facility is fast approaching a major milestone: Capturing and injecting its five millionth tonne of greenhouse gas (CO2e). Once achieved, carbon capture and storage in Australia will have hit a new …Read more
Jul 14, 2021 Clean Energy Future

Hydrogen and You

Hydrogen. It’s the most abundant element in the universe, and the lightest. But this isn’t a high school science class, so what does it have to do with you?   LIGHT SWITCH Like renewables …Read more
Jun 08, 2021 Clean Energy Future

Today is World Ocean Day

Today is World Ocean Day, a global celebration raising awareness of the importance of the global Ocean. This annual event traces its roots back to an Earth Summit held in 1992, and was first …Read more
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