Clean Energy Future

Oct 06, 2023 Clean Energy Future

The power of the turbine

Jets sustain speeds over 1000km/h for thousands of kilometres, thousands of metres in the air. Power stations can’t travel at any speed, anywhere. Yet, the two things operate on very similar principles. How so? …Read more
Aug 16, 2023 Clean Energy Future

CCS/CCUS: How it Works

CCS and CCUS stands for Carbon Capture & Storage and Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage. Understanding how game changing CCS/CCUS works is critical to any conversation about the potential value of this technology to …Read more
Nov 17, 2022 Clean Energy Future

Territory to the Top

The Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct is a project with potential. The 1500 hectare hub aims to unify a spectrum of industrial decarbonisation and low emissions efforts. Combined with marine and logistics infrastructure and …Read more
Nov 03, 2022 Clean Energy Future

COP27: Explainer

Confused about COP27? Well cop this! Here’s a quick explainer of the action over the next fortnight. COP27 is the United Nations Climate Change Conference. COP has an almost 27-year legacy of uniting near …Read more
Oct 31, 2022 Clean Energy Future

Methane Zero

Australia is a country focused on emissions reduction. A hurdle on our path to zero: Methane. Methane is believed to account for around one half of the net rise in global average temperature since …Read more
Oct 07, 2022 Clean Energy Future

Fantastic Fertiliser Facility

Fertiliser stinks. There’s no disputing that. Odour aside, fertiliser is a lynchpin of the agriculture industry. Made using natural gas as a feedstock, fertiliser feeds the world. At present, Australia is heavily reliant on …Read more
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