Dec 09, 2019At Home

Research Shows Majority of Australians Actively Seek Out Food Trucks

The humble food truck, once only a staple of muddy festival grounds and local fetes, has become a big part lunchtimes around Australia.

New survey research from Brighter shows that, unsurprisingly, 33% of Australians eat from a food truck when on “a casual night out with a partner or friends”. What’s perhaps more surprising is that 26% of Australians say they eat from a food truck when getting lunch at work.

Almost a third of us are seeking out food trucks for a big night out; 15% at the start of a night out, 16% toward the end of a big night out.

The next big split is whether people actually look for food trucks or not. 21% of Australians actively seek out food trucks, while 26% stumble upon food trucks. The majority (56%) of Australians actively go to popular food trucks, although with no specific truck in mind.

Of course, the vast majority of food trucks are powered by natural gas. That means that whether you’re on a date, out with mates, eating a burger or munching a falafel, it’s all brought to you by natural gas.