Dec 09, 2019Clean Energy Future

Natural gas and Solar Microgrid to Power Onslow, Western Australia

The Chevron-operated Wheatstone Project is helping provide access to affordable, reliable, ever-cleaner energy in the community of Onslow through a solar and natural gas powered microgrid.

Together with the WA State Government, Chevron and its Joint Venture Participants have invested in a pilot program that will see Onslow become home to Australia’s largest distributed energy resource microgrid and remain a vibrant and sustainable regional community.

The microgrid will utilise natural gas and renewable energy sources such as solar power to help provide a smoother supply of power to the community.

Wheatstone Plant Manager Nigel Comerford explained the ability to economically accommodate renewable energy is an enabling feature of the microgrid.

“An advanced metering system will play an important role in making the solar and battery components of power generation an affordable option for the community.”

Onslow School Principal Jacqueline Barry can already see the benefits the microgrid project is bringing to the community with students and parents looking to educate themselves on renewable energy.

“The school is preparing to have solar panels installed, which has been made possible through Chevron subsiding the cost of the panels. It’s a great outcome for the school and another example of how investment in the community will have a positive impact for generations to come.”