Apr 04, 2019Clean Energy Future

Brighter Joins the Conversation at the National Sustainability Conference

Delegates from large and small businesses, academic institutions, not for profits and government attended the National Sustainability Conference in Brisbane in early April 2019. The conference schedule included speakers on a wide range of topics relating to sustainability, including integration, technology, automation, climate risk, procurement, renewable energy and sustainable construction.

The Brighter program attended the conference for the first time as an exhibitor, with the aim of talking to the diverse audience about the role of gas as a partner fuel to support renewable energy sources, the industry’s continued improvements to ensure sustainable practices, and its investments in future fuel technologies.

Sarah Browne, Director of the Brighter program, said, “Australia’s changing energy mix is high on the sustainability agenda and rightly so. Natural gas can support the increased penetration of renewables into the energy mix so we’re pleased to have a voice in this important conversation”.


We all want to do our part in taking care of the planet. Renewable energy sources like solar and wind are helping us to do that more effectively. But what happens when energy from renewables isn’t enough? That’s where natural gas comes in. Natural gas provides a low carbon alternative to traditional fossil fuels and is the best solution we have to lowering household emissions in a cost-effective way.