Jul 29, 2021At Home

Here’s how long Aussies take in the shower


The winter shower offers a steamy reprieve from the creeping cold, but it can be tough to get out during the blustery months. When the skies go grey, winter can bring out the bathroom hog in some of us.

Most people (43% to be precise) spend three to five minutes in the shower, but we wanted to answer a question critical to the national interest.

Which Aussie state is taking the longest in the shower?

Are we all the same, or do those state borders change the way we get ready in the morning?



According to our research polling more than 1000 Australians the most common winter shower time is a sensible three to five minutes. Not too long, not too short.

Territorians took the shortest showers overall, with most Top End participants in and out in T-minus three minutes, not a huge surprise given the dry season in Darwin rarely sees the mercury dip below 20 degrees.

Queenslanders were the next most efficient in the shower.

So which state is hogging the bathroom? It seems it’s directly related to how cool it is outside.



The research is in. South Australians are taking the longest tubs, adding luxurious showers to fine wine and delicious grub as the things SA is most known for. All told, more than three in 10 South Aussies are escaping their winter woes with showers of seven minutes or more according to our sample.

While a third of South Aussies loving a long steam, Victoria and Tasmania aren’t far behind. Nearly one in four citizens of the other Southern states stay put for at least a couple of steamy renditions of TOTO’s Africa. Once the water warms up, of course.

So the next question is, what songs are Aussies singing while their showering? We’ve done the research on that too!