Aug 03, 2021At Home

What’s the tastiest way to cook meat?

The correct way to cook a steak is a hotly debated topic. When it comes to a choice cut, everyone has an opinion. Turn it once? Reverse sear? Rare, medium, well done?

In these divisive times, there does appear to be one thing that us Aussies can all agree on.

Meat tastes best when it’s cooked on the BBQ.

Whether it be snags, steak, skewers or seafood; When cooking a bit of meat we love to take it outside.

We surveyed 1,011 Australians and the BBQs status as the master of meat is undisputed.

More than seven in every 10 Australians say the BBQ is the go-to for grilling up great flavour from their butchers best. Honestly, no surprise there.

What about the other 30 per cent? It’s close to a dead heat between the oven and the stove for preference, with a disturbing three per cent going for the microwave.

If your date takes a dry aged tomahawk and heads for the microwave, that might be a red flag.

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