Aug 10, 2021In The Community

Celebrating National Science Week 2021

Break out your beakers and get ready to explain STEM to your friends because National Science Week 2021 is here!

An annual August adventure, National Science Week is a seven-day celebration of all things science.

This year’s theme? ‘How will you science this week?’

Normally featuring live events for all ages including scavenger hunts, wildlife webinars and even explorations of outer space, this year many events will be livestreamed while we all stay home to stop the spread of COVID-19.

As an industry heavily reliant on science and technology, Brighter and the natural gas sector are championing this event through partners like Science and Technology Australia. As a supporter of STA’s Superstars of STEM program, Brighter and the wider industry recognise the need to build diversity across all areas of STEM.

The natural gas industry supports thousands of careers for engineers, marine biologists, robotics technicians and dozens of other scientific and technical roles.

Be on the look out for lots of interesting Science Week content from Brighter, our partners and the natural gas industry! In the meantime, find Science Week events here.