Aug 11, 2021In The Community

Mingenew Midwest Expo spotlights WA farmers

Western Australia is the country’s largest producer of natural gas. It provides an important source of energy for the state, being used for cooking, heating for homes and businesses, and supplying fuel for important local industries such as transport, mining and manufacturing. 

Western Australia is also known for the farming sector, and the natural gas industry works closely with agricultural workers in the region. 

This week sees a celebration of WA’s strong agricultural tradition in the form of the Mingenew Midwest Expo, the largest agricultural trade and lifestyle event in the state’s Mid West region.  

The event, which runs today and tomorrow, servers as an important annual meeting for the region’s farmers and highlights their important role in Australian country life, particularly for rural communities such as Mingenew.  

The event also has the support of local gas industry companies through exhibitor Mitsui E&P Australia (MEPAU), operator of the Waitsia Gas Project, and Strike Energy, one of the sponsors of the expo. 

Since gas operations started almost fifty years ago in Dongara, local operators have run the facilities. MEPAU’s Waitsia project, which is currently being expanded, employs many workers and contractors from the region, which helps to drive business to townships and stimulate the local economy. For example, Stage 1 development of Waitsia relied on local contractors to do a lot of the work, at a value of approximately $2 million. 

Likewise, Strike Energy — alongside partner Warrego Energy  work with local businesses on developing their West Erregulla project, which is expected to deliver a significant boost to Western Australia’s energy supply over the next 50 years. 

By supporting local contractors and working with local groups such as farmers and Traditional Owners, these gas companies can ensure they benefit the regions in which they operate in the right way, creating long-term benefits for the community. 

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