Sep 04, 2018Small Business

Dalby, a Small Business Success Story

Research undertaken by the University of Queensland, as part of the ‘Boom Town Indicators’ project, has tracked the development of the natural gas industry in the town of Dalby in the Western Downs.

While the data shows a lot has changed since 2011 when the study began, indicators are strong for employment, household income and local business growth.

Locals have said the town has “done well” from industry development and have noticed things like local sports teams getting sponsored as a positive. Others have expressed their delight at seeing the CBD of the town “busy and vibrant”. What doesn’t seem to have been lost is the sense of community spirit and opportunity.

Another thing that’s taken off has been local businesses. Since 2011-12, average local business income has quadrupled to over $30 million. Employment and wages have increased too, with unemployment well below Queensland average and total household earnings $50 million higher per annum than in 2008-09.

On a local development front, Dalby has all the tell-tale signs of a wonderful small business success story and locals are happy to be a part of it.

For more information on the natural gas industry in Dalby, see the University of Queensland’s social and economics report here.

Income from natural gas doesn’t just benefit those directly employed by the industry but does a lot to support the local communities that host gas projects. Small businesses and local economies in host communities and around the country benefit from this income.