Oct 14, 2019People & Industry

Meet the Perth Cybersecurity Start-Up That’s Partnering with the Natural Gas Industry

Concerns about personal cybersecurity have become a staple of conversation over the last few years. Social media tracking, search engine advertising, and international hacking are frequent topics of chatter. But cybersecurity is incredibly important for Australian businesses too.

Recent reporting suggests cybersecurity incidents could cost Australian businesses as much as $29 billion. While you may not feel overly concerned about cyber threats to companies around the country, it’s the flow-on cost to consumers that should be a worry. In the case of the companies that provide energy to power our homes and businesses, cyber threats pose a large risk to operations and to our day-to-day lives.

Unfortunately, Australia’s cybersecurity sector is struggling with a huge skills shortage at the moment. That’s why it’s important that small businesses like Sapien Cyber, based in Perth Western Australia, are offering leading-edge cyber security and threat intelligence solutions.

Sapien Cyber was launched by the world-leading cybersecurity research team at Edith Cowan University. The 100% Australian-owned company offers a technology platform to clients that provides network visibility, monitoring and actionable intelligence. This all means that Sapien helps reduce the vulnerability of digital systems to cyber attacks.

Earlier in 2019, natural gas company Woodside took a 10% stake in the company, in yet another example of the industry supporting Australian small business and cutting edge technology.

Woodside Chief Technology Officer, Shaun Gregory, said the company was proud to be part of the journey of another small business in WA.

“Woodside is proud to be supporting another Western Australian technology company. The sophistication of Sapien Cyber’s technology platform has the potential to deliver a comprehensive and multi-dimensional cybersecurity solution to protect Woodside’s operating assets,”, he said.