Nov 23, 2021In The Community

WA a gas powerhouse

Recently, Bright-r covered a new report showing how the WA natural gas industry could add nearly $440 billion to the state economy over the next 20 years.

That’s a lot of moolah. And it’s a prospect that’s one step closer to reality now that one of the state’s biggest ever gas projects has been given the green light. 

The Scarborough project is a major new gas hub set to bring thousands of new local jobs and millions of dollars to the state. 

Led by Woodside Energy and BHP, the project has just received the governmental go ahead, meaning the companies now have permission to build the project. 

Expected to create a peak of around 3,200 jobs during construction and add about $125 billion to Australia’s GDP by 2063, it’s a huge win for local jobs and the economy. And 98% of that amount is set to be generated in WA. 

That’s just enough dough for Marvel to pump out at least 300 more superhero movies. (It’s probably just enough time as well.) 

And speaking of saving the world, since natural gas produces only half the emissions of coal, Scarborough can help Australians and neighbouring countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, particularly timely in light of the recent  COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow.