Sep 02, 2019At Home

The Hot Water Systems and Cooktops Recommended by Australian Builders

Australian Construction Insights recently conducted survey research with builders. The builders were asked about the types of hot water systems and cooktops they’d installed in the last year.

Unsurprisingly, instantaneous natural gas hot water systems came out on top. 59% of homes built used gas hot water. The next most popular option was electric, followed by gas-boosted solar. The builders themselves said instantaneous gas hot water was their most recommended choice when asked by homeowners.

Instantaneous gas hot water is great because it heats up immediately, meaning you waste less water and get more time to sing in the shower.

The builders were also asked about kitchens and cooktops. Again, the majority of builders, like the majority of chefs, recommend a gas cooktop. That’s because gas heats up quickly and gives you more control when cooking your favourite meals.

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