Feb 03, 2020At Home

Your Opinion: What’s the Best Thing About a Summer BBQ?

Summer really isn’t summer without a BBQ. So, in the spirit of the season, Brighter recently gave away a Weber Baby Q through a competition on our Facebook page. Entrants simply needed to answer the question ‘what’s the best thing about a summer BBQ?’.

Over 600 people (from every state and territory) in Australia entered the competition, with creative answers provided by many. We took a look at the answers and found some trends.

The results show that for most Australians the BBQ is less about food and more about bringing people together. 65% of people said the best thing about a summer BBQ is having family and friends together to enjoy good food and the outdoors. This lines up with Brighter survey research, which showed that 72% of Australians believe that some of the best conversations they’ve ever had have been around a BBQ and that a majority of Australians believe BBQs bring people together.

20% of people said the best thing about a summer BBQ was the food. For some this meant the taste of the food, which we know is best from a BBQ, for others it meant the sensation of the sizzle.

Other entrants said their favourite thing about a BBQ is that (in their homes) it means men do the cooking, that they enjoyed playing host, and that it would leave almost no mess indoors.

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