Jul 03, 2019At Home

The Best Conversations People Have Are Around a Barbeque

Most Australians enjoy a chinwag. One of the most repeated sentences anywhere you go after all is the classic greeting, ‘How ya going?’

It’s no wonder then, that when Brighter polled Australians about gas barbeques they said it’s a great place to connect. A recent survey of 1,000 Australians revealed that not only is standing or sitting around a barbeque a good excuse for a chat, it’s one of the best places to have a meaningful conversation.

72% of Australians agree that some of the best conversations they’ve ever had have been around a barbeque. Maybe it’s the sound of food sizzling away, the relaxed environment or just the deep connection we have with the outdoors, but meaningful conversations happen around barbeques. More than half of Australians (53%) said they’ve talked through big life decisions around a barbeque. So it’s not just great conversation, it’s life-changing stuff we’re chatting about while flipping steaks. 

Next time you’re having family or friends around to fire up the natural gas barbie, keep in mind that they may have something important to say.