Jun 06, 2019Clean Energy Future

Australian Science Media Centre Hydrogen Briefing

Brighter, alongside the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, has funded the Australian Science Media Centre to produce a series of media briefings in 2019. The objective of the ASMC is to ensure the public has access to high quality scientific information and to inform debate on different areas of science, including different aspects of the energy mix debate.

Hydrogen is attracting a lot of attention as a future source of readily available and clean energy, with many Australian companies recognising the potential value in Japanese and Korean export markets. There is also scope for natural gas infrastructure to be used to transport hydrogen and even to use natural gas as a source to transform hydrogen into a usable fuel. We’ve written about that before here.

You can view the ASMC media briefing here.


We all want to do our part in taking care of the planet. Renewable energy sources like solar and wind are helping us to do that more effectively. But what happens when energy from renewables isn’t enough? That’s where natural gas comes in. Natural gas provides a low carbon alternative to traditional fossil fuels and is the best solution we have to lowering household emissions in a cost-effective way.