Jul 14, 2022Clean Energy Future

Big H: Hydrogen Knowledge Centre launched

Hydrogen might be the next big thing for Australia. The big H represents an opportunity for our humble island nation to assume the mantle of Global Leader when it comes to hydrogen.

The CSIRO (who you may remember from other scientific achievements like inventing WiFi) are as usual ahead of the curve. They’ve launched the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre, and that’s a big deal.

A domestic hydrogen industry would drive down emissions and generate significant economic growth.

“According to Australian government estimates, Australian hydrogen production for export and domestic use could generate more than $50 billion in additional GDP by 2050,” said Federal Minister for Industry and Science, the Hon. Ed Husic MP.

As the hydrogen industry, Government and research institutions go from strength to strength, CSIRO’s new hydrogen hub provides for information on policies, projects and research while providing mission  critical resources to those in and around the hydrogen business.

It’s all about collaboration, minimising double handling and keeping Australia on the fast track to world hydrogen domination.

The centre features interactive modelling tools, education resources and even a live hydrogen industry map, geolocating all current projects across Australia.

CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Larry Marshall said Australia could use hydrogen to create billions of dollars of GDP growth through long-lasting jobs, exports, and domestic use, while cutting emissions.

“CSIRO began research into hydrogen fuel to help catalyse a new industry in Australia that would fill the economic gap being created by the transition away from fossil fuels. Australia is now realising the potential for hydrogen to reduce its emissions and create new economic wealth, thanks to early investment in research,” Dr Marshall said.

CSIRO’s Larry Marshall, Vicky Au and Patrick Hartley discuss CSIRO’s Hydrogen Industry Mission

The Knowledge Centre is divided into modules – HyLearningHyResource and HyResearch.

Check out the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre here.

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