Sep 01, 2022Clean Energy Future

Pop Test: Hydrogen Hub Hits Milestone

An open-source hub for research, testing and demonstration of decarbonisation solutions for the energy industry. A place specifically designed to unlock the path to Net Zero. A nucleus for energy knowledge.

It sounds like exactly what Australia needs, doesn’t it?

Lucky for us, this is no pipedream.

Located Just 30km south of Perth, the Kwinana Energy Transformation Hub, or KETH, has progressed from planning to commencing front-end engineering design. The facility will accelerate Australia’s progress as a leader in future energy solutions.

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A collaboration of the WA Government, industry and research organisations, the facility will incorporate a small-scale LNG and renewables hydrogen demonstration plant.

It will act as a key open-source hub for scaling up Australia’s incredible hydrogen opportunity.

It will be the only facility of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Its focus will include testing at small scale how to decarbonise the LNG industry, both through new technologies and incorporating hydrogen.

It will also offer essential training to upskill hydrogen and LNG facility operators, along with an equipment certification offering.

During construction, 2000 jobs will be created. Once up and running, the facility will support 200 local jobs. It is expected that the facility will be up and running by 2024 or 2025.

Future Energy Exports Co-operative Research Centre chief executive and 2021 WA Scientist of the Year Eric May told The West that the project entering the front end engineering design stage is a moment to celebrate.

“The Kwinana project will provide a tangible example of a project that is directly dealing with reducing emissions and improving efficiencies for a lower-carbon energy future,” he said.

“…This milestone is an excellent outcome for our CRC and its mission to actually demonstrate industrial-scale process technologies that can decarbonise LNG exports and lower the cost of clean hydrogen production.”

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