Nov 24, 2021Clean Energy Future

Moomba coming soonba

One of the world’s largest carbon capture hubs, with the potential to capture up to 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, has been confirmed for development in South Australia.

That’s not even the best part. It has a really fun name.


Say it out loud and try not to smile. Go on, we’ll wait…

20 million tonnes is a lot of C02. In fact, it’s the equivalent of the emissions generated by 3.6 million homes in a whole year. For reference, there’s just over 3 million private homes in NSW.

Need more visuals? It’s also the same as the emissions from five coal-fired power plants. That’s right;at full capacity, the Moomba project could capture the same amount of carbon as nearly 25 million acres of forest.

Named after the location of the project in Moomba, South Australia, the investment is another big win for carbon capture and storage (CCS). Gas companies Santos and Beach Energy have partnered to confirm a hearty $220 million investment in getting the project out of the boardroom and into the SA desert.

The investment decision trails a successful trial that saw 100 tonnes of carbon dioxide injected into depleted gas reservoirs.

Located 800km north of the SA capital, the project will be one of the world’s largest carbon capture projects, initially stowing 1.7 million tonne per year in depleted reservoirs that once held oil and gas in place, with potential to scale to 20 million tonnes per year.

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