Jul 11, 2019People & Industry

Australians See Exports as a Positive, New Study Finds

Australia is a nation of exports. A diverse range of products leave our shores every year, from livestock, wool and wheat, to iron ore, gold, and, of course, natural gas.

According to a survey commissioned by Brighter, more than 80 percent of Australians agree that the exports of natural gas play an important economic role in the country’s future. The research shows that Australians see and support three main benefits about natural gas exports:

  1. 55% of Australians agree that a benefit of exporting natural gas is associated job creation from exploration and production. This is particularly true of regional communities where natural gas companies operate and provide long-term jobs.
  2. 38% of Australians believe that gas exports are creating more business for companies in the supply chain. Great examples of companies that have benefited from working in conjunction with natural gas are The Good Cartel, a coffee cart-turned-cafe in Broome working with INPEX, RIE, an electrical engineering company working with QGC in Queensland, or Stonestreets, a bus company working with Arrow Energy.
  3. 36% of Australians agree that natural gas exports ope international markets for local businesses. Examples of this can be found in engineering contractors like Xtreme Engineering, a small business that received international recognition for their work with ConocoPhillips, one of many similar success stories.

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