May 02, 2019At Home

Australia’s ‘Hour of Shower’ is Revealed in New Research

The results are in, and Australians have voted that 7-8am is the country’s most favoured ‘hour of shower’, according to new research commissioned Brighter.

Are you one of the 20 per cent of Australians who rely on a piping, hot shower to wake them up and face a brand-new day each morning? Or do you relate to the quarter of Aussies who say ‘but, coffee first’? Either way, we are a country that prefers a morning showers, whether it be to wake us up, relieve stress and clear our heads before the daily grind kicks in.

While we’re told to avoid checking social media first thing in the morning, it seems what we replace that time with differs state to state. In Sydney and Brisbane, the day gets going with a cup of coffee. However, despite being the (self-appointed) coffee capital of the country, Melbournians prefer to start their day with a hot shower to look their best for their local barista.

The research also found that the average Australian spends seven minutes in the shower, and is only willing to watch cold water go down the drain for 15 seconds before it should hit the desired hot temperature. Whilst almost a quarter of the population showers twice a day, once is enough for the vast majority. Further, many Australians opt for hot water solutions which include natural gas provide the best instant heat.


Whether you know it or not, gas plays a big part in almost all Australian homes. Most of us use it for cooking, hot showers or weekend BBQs with the family. Gas is also vital in keeping local businesses, schools and hospitals powered and running.