Oct 13, 2020Clean Energy Future

Gas Vision 2050

Gas Vision 2050 (‘Vision’) describes an aspirational and attainable future for gas across Australia’s economy. With our population forecast to almost double to 40 million by 2050, Australia’s need for energy, food and materials will only rise.

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The Vision is for Australia to continue to turn its gas resources into products and services that will enhance national prosperity while achieving carbon neutrality. It identifies how gas and gas infrastructure can be used to solve the energy trilemma by balancing energy affordability, energy security and environmental outcomes.

A strategic approach to reducing emissions can utilise developing technologies to also deliver jobs, growth and export benefits for Australia.

Customers are seeking a clean energy future and are engaged in achieving emissions reduction from gas use. This is to be achieved through the widespread deployment of transformational technologies, including biogas, hydrogen and carbon capture and storage.

These innovative technologies, alongside renewable electricity, energy efficiency and others, will be used across the economy to decarbonise gas.

A recent joint letter by the Australian Hydrogen council and Bioenergy Australia calling for supportive policy settings for hydrogen and biogas was supported by many businesses and associations across the energy supply chain including customers, technology providers, and energy companies. Significant progress has been made to achieve the Vision.


Gas Vision 2050 Full Report