May 06, 2019People & Industry

How The Resources Industry is Cutting Emissions in Western Australia

A new initiative from Woodside in Western Australia is set to truck cleaner energy around the state to reduce carbon emissions from mining activities. The natural gas Truck Loading Facility is an addition to Woodside’s Pluto Project.

Every year around 3 billion litres of diesel are imported to the Pilbara for the mining industry. By using natural gas instead of diesel there’s a 27%.

reduction in CO2 emissions overall. This doesn’t just impact mining activities, as natural gas is available for use in local Pilbara communities. What’s more, during the course of constructing the Truck Loading Facility 60 local jobs were created.

Woodside is also planning to create infrastructure to supply natural gas to power the shipping industry, which carries materials between the Pilbara and Asia.

For more information visit Woodside news.