Mar 10, 2021Clean Energy Future

The CleanCo deal delivering a cleaner energy Queensland

CleanCo, the cleaner energy provider owned by the Queensland Government, is extending its agreements with gas company Senex to deliver 2.55 petajoules (PJ) of natural gas in 2022, for a total of 5.1PJ from 2020–2022.

But what does that mean in practical terms? It means Senex and CleanCo are now set to continue delivering affordable power to Queenslanders while still helping the Sunshine State meet its ambitious renewable energy targets.

And how much is a petajoule? It’s enough to power around 19,000 homes in one year, nearly 900,000 fridges, or more than two million HDTVs. Times that by five and you’ve got a lot of juice.

Senex will supply gas from its Atlas operation near Wandoan in western Queensland at a fixed price to Swanbank E, CleanCo’s highly efficient gas-fired power station near Ipswich in the State’s southeast. Swanbank E uses something called combined cycle technology, meaning waste heat from the gas turbine can be used to generate up to 50 percent additional electricity via a second turbine without using extra fuel.

Senex CEO Ian Davies said the ongoing relationship between Senex and CleanCo would contribute to continued energy security, aiding the recovery of both the Queensland and Australian economies.

“Senex will continue to build a portfolio of gas sales agreements that support jobs and regional economies as we partner with commercial and industrial customers for long-term and mutually beneficial relationships,” he said.