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Jun 18, 2020 In The Community

Doctors Given Extra Wings to Fight COVID Crisis

The health of regional and remote communities relies on medical professionals who are willing to take to the skies to overcome Australia’s tyranny of distance. This year, they have become more important than ever. …Read more
Jun 11, 2020 In The Community

Milestone 500th Cargo Departure Highlights Local Benefit

The 500th cargo of liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been loaded and sailed from the Australia Pacific LNG facility on Curtis Island, in Queensland. The departure of the ship marks a watershed moment for …Read more
Apr 23, 2020 In The Community

Regional Australia Thriving in Partnership with the Natural Gas Industry

Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE), a Queensland-based economic development group, was formed in 2011 to help local businesses take advantage of the supply chain opportunities in the development of regional natural gas. Small …Read more
Apr 22, 2020 In The Community

Regional Community Spotlight: Sale, Victoria

The natural gas industry is embedded within regional communities across Australia. These articles will profile some regional communities that have has long-standing relationships with the natural gas industry. ​ Fast Facts: Key towns to the natural gas …Read more
Apr 07, 2020 In The Community

Brighter and the Regional Australia Institute

Regional Australian communities are the lifeline and thread which tie together the many industries which keep our country running. From agriculture, to cross country transport resources sector, Australian regional communities are often considered the …Read more
Mar 20, 2020 In The Community

World Water Day

World Water Day (March 22) is an annual observance day driven by the United Nations to highlight the importance of freshwater. A country like Australia understands this better than most.   Water is a valuable resource on which we are all reliant.  The …Read more
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