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Sep 28, 2022 In The Community

Majestic Marine Mammoths

Blue whales are the largest animal to have ever existed. Bigger than any dinosaur. Even the T-Rex. That’s a pretty … big claim to fame. These gentle creatures can measure 30 metres long, with …Read more
Sep 21, 2022 In The Community

Scallops and a Seismic Shift

If you’ve recently ordered a seafood platter or visited Tasmania, you might know a little about scallops. They are a verified delicacy — a versatile protein whose unique flavour and texture drive the creation …Read more
Aug 11, 2022 In The Community

It’s National Science Week!

Time to get out the test tubes and get ready to explain STEM, because National Science Week 2022 is here! An annual August adventure, National Science Week is a seven-day celebration of all things …Read more
Jul 25, 2022 In The Community

Meaningful Men’s Health

Men’s health shouldn’t be an oxymoron. Unfortunately, it often is. Men tend not to take a proactive approach to their wellbeing. We are excellent at ignoring warning signs and highly skilled at isolating ourselves …Read more
Jun 21, 2022 In The Community

Fire, Earth and Sea

Water flows and wends its way to the sea. This is the sacred place of our ancestors. Ceremony by firelight keeps us connected to this land. Over vast country the Creation Spirit forms the …Read more
May 27, 2022 In The Community

Rural Road Safety: Taking the wheel

September is Rural Road Safety Month. Per 100 million km, the Australian fatality rate is 0.45 and hospitalised injury rate is 15.3[1],[2]. Driving in remote regions is 11 times higher risk than the city[3]. …Read more
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