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Aug 07, 2019 In The Community

How Landholders and Natural Gas Companies in Queensland are Coexisting Respectfully

Michael Taylor from “Fairlands” in Wallumbilla, Queensland, shares his perspective on how gas companies and landholders have learnt to coexist over the years and treat each other respectfully. Michael runs Midwest Rural Traders in Wallumbilla …Read more
Jul 23, 2019 In The Community

Brighter at the Developing Northern Australia Conference

Regional Queensland and its successful relationship with the onshore gas industry was showcased in Western Australia at the Developing Northern Australia Conference last week. The event highlighted the diversification of local economies as a …Read more
Jul 11, 2019 In The Community

‘Our Town’ Episode Shows What Community Development in Northern WA Looks Like

A recent episode of Our Town from Channel 7 has revealed how INPEX, a natural gas company operating in far-North Western Australia, is providing economic benefits and jobs for the region. In this episode …Read more
Jun 13, 2019 In The Community

Brighter at the Rocky Ag Show

Brighter is proud to be sponsoring the Rockhampton Agricultural Show’s Grand Parade this week. The Rocky Show, now in its 146th year, brings together city and country, uniting the whole Rockhampton community. The Show …Read more
May 29, 2019 In The Community

Recap: Brighter at Science Alive in Geelong

Over the weekend Brighter teamed up with STEM Punks to bring some of the technological advancements being used in the natural gas industry to kids and parents in Geelong. As part of the first …Read more
May 15, 2019 In The Community

Democracy Sausage: All You Need to Know

The humble democracy sausage is, outside of the poll itself, one of the most integral parts of Australian politics. A big statement, we know! But, regardless of how you feel about politics or who …Read more
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