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Powering the Heart of Australia

Australia is a big, often inhospitable country. The sunburnt tyranny of distance makes an impact on the health and wellness of people in regional and remote communities. It’s just harder to get the same healthcare as you would in a metropolitan area. 

In the fight for improved regional wellbeing, a remarkable partnership between Arrow Energy and Heart of Australia is making waves.

Heart of Australia is a mobile medical provider delivering vital healthcare services to remote communities.

And this year marks 10 years since Arrow came on board as Heart of Australia’s foundation partner, helping the service launch its first truck in 2014.

Lifeline on wheels

Bringing lifesaving medical services to more than 30 rural and remote communities across Queensland like Dalby, Miles and Moranbah, these mobile clinics, dubbed Heart Trucks, are equipped with advanced medical equipment for services like heart monitoring and sleep studies.

Since 2014, they’ve treated over 17,000 patients and remarkably, directly saved 700 lives.

The service has now expanded to five trucks and offers everything from cardiology and respiratory/black lung services to diabetes, sleep studies and gynaecology.

The heart behind the wheel

Dr Gomes, the founder of Heart of Australia, envisioned these trucks as a solution to the scarcity of specialist healthcare in rural areas. His dream has materialised, with a fleet of mobile clinics bringing life-saving services directly to the doors of those in need. 

“Heart of Australia started with a simple idea – how do we bring doctors and specialists, and the tools they need to do their jobs, out into country areas,” he said.

Locally driven

The initiative is not just about medical facilities; it’s a community effort.

Local GPs play a crucial role in connecting residents to the Heart Trucks, ensuring that those in remote have access to essential healthcare through referrals.

The road ahead

With a growing fleet of mobile clinics, Heart of Australia is set to reach even more remote corners of the state. It’s a story of hope and innovation, showcasing how healthcare can transcend boundaries to touch lives in the most isolated parts of Australia.

Reflecting on the partnership, Arrow CEO Godson Njoku said Dr Gomes had “a compelling vision, rooted in the belief that geography should never be a barrier to quality care”.

“With our strong ties to regional and rural communities, we embraced Rolf’s vision, recognising the importance of supporting the health of Queenslanders who live and work outside the state’s major population centres,” he said.

“Recognising the disparity in medical support between Queensland’s rural and urban areas, Arrow partnered with Heart of Australia to establish Australia’s first mobile cardiology and respiratory clinic.

“It’s wonderful to see the program’s continued growth, with five custom-built mobile clinics now extending their reach across nearly every corner of the state.”

For more information including scheduled visits and services, visit Heart of Australia’s website at

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