Jun 04, 2020People & Industry

Industry Meets University: Students Hear from Energy Industry Executives on Career Development in the Resources Sector

Melbourne University Chemical Engineering Students’ Society (MUCESS) got together with an engineer of a different kind yesterday when they discussed work pathways in the energy sector via a webinar facilitated by Brighter 

Asia Pacific Vice President of Apergy and industry Bright Spark representative, Stuart McCulloch spoke to the group about pathways of career development from a University technical degree to a leadership role in the resources sector, alongside Jess Hudswell, Deputy Director of Communication from community advocacy program, Brighter.   

Stuart’s presentation commenced the same way he encourages all meetings to start – with a moment to consider safety and the different ways individual roles can contribute to the health and wellbeing of themselves and team members around them. Stuart, a University engineering graduate himself, then gave a first-hand account of how he has rounded out his technical skills to establish himself as a corporate leader. In his leadership position at Apergy, he is using his technical knowledge but also his managerial experience to assess the market for strategic growth opportunities and ensuring the organisation focuses on high pay-off activities now and into the future. Stuart stressed the importance for students to focus on developing a roadmap for development, and continuously taking feedback and learning opportunities to get where they want to be. 

As a final career key takeaway, students were encouraged to look beyond the obvious sectors when considering roles. Stuart reflected that his career in the oil and gas sector has fundamentally improved the quality of his family life along with allowing him to travel, live and work in unexpected locations around the world.  

The MUCESS students had some very insightful questions for Stuart and Jess, with subject matter varying from career prospects and how to ask for development, to how to answer questions from others about what the job entails.  

Brighter is delighted to have partnered with MUCESS for the webinar and for the opportunity to light a career spark in the next generation of leaders.