We need to teach kids about the important role energy plays in our society

I’m extremely passionate about education and believe students need to be shown the amazing and diverse career options that exist in our industry. I’m currently a mentor at the Petroleum Club Next Generation school program which introduces high school students to the oil and gas industry in a fun, interactive and educational way. Over the years I’ve been involved in many Boards and Committees at the Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA), Chevron’s Women’s Network and Women in Oil and Gas committees, Chevron Australia Toastmaster Club and the Perth Modern High School.

Just like there are jobs for a diverse range of skills in our industry, people of all walks of life should feel confident and enabled to apply for those jobs. Kaleidoscope Initiative is a Commonwealth sponsored group working to unlock the economic benefits of migration and cultural diversity by helping migrants and refugees find employment. It is an organisation that I’ve mentored for and it’s doing fantastic work on this front.

We need true cultural and gender diversity in organisations – and the multiculturalism in our industry shows we’re on the right path."

When I lived in Mexico, where I was born, there was an earthquake that killed over 5000 people… 

It motivated me to study geology because I wanted to explore the prediction and evaluation of geological and environmental risks such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flooding and mudslides.

I did my Masters in petroleum geoscience on a scholarship to study in Paris and ended up working in the oil and gas industry because it gave me the opportunity to travel around the world. As part of in my job, I also get to assess and prevent geological and environmental risks related with the oil, gas or CO2 sequestration.

I stayed in France for 6 years before moving to work in Indonesia. Then in 2003 I became a geomodeller involved in various projects in Mexico, Australia and New Zealand.

As a child growing in Mexico City from a low-income family, I never imagined being able to travel all around the world, living in four different continents, and settling in Australia. It’s a much more exciting journey than I imagined growing up. Working in the oil and gas industry has given me that opportunity.

I have a family that breaks the stereotypes 

The most unique thing that has happened at work is meeting my husband after only a week of starting my job in Indonesia. My manager organised a party and I was nominated the “unofficial” Salsa instructor. My husband was the best student! More than 19 years later, we are still together with three wonderful sons of 17, 14 and 7 years old.

My husband is a Petroleum Engineer turned stay-at-home dad and recreational fisherman. I’ve been the “breadwinner” of the family for the past 8 years. My youngest son thinks it’s normal for mums to go to work and dads to stay at home, do school activities, take care of the children and cook.

My family are all over the world. My parents and my two sisters migrated to Canada many years ago and are Canadian. The husband of one of my sisters is from Trinidad and Tobago and the other from Canada. We’re a truly multicultural family.

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