Bright Sparks are people that light up our industry in ways you won’t expect. Read the unique stories of the extraordinary individuals powering our homes, towns and cities, every day.
“Fluid dynamics and subsurface uncertainties create challenges which encourage you to think creatively and collaborate” Mia's Story “My job is about bringing the community voice into our business, to help inform how we operate” Marilyn's Story “I feel lucky that the industry is intertwined with my community.” Lucy's Story “Say ‘yes’. Jump off that cliff and trust yourself that you will learn to fly on the way down.” Kimberly's Story “The Good Cartel stemmed from catering for the gas industry workers at Broome airport” Jack's Story "As a child growing up in Mexico City from a low-income family, I never imagined being able to travel all around the world." Ishtar's Story “I work in an industry that has become family.” Candice's Story If I decide on a career in oil and gas, I can still live in Australia’s coolest cities. Brennan's Story