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Apr 23, 2020 In The Community

Regional Australia Thriving in Partnership with the Natural Gas Industry

Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE), a Queensland-based economic development group, was formed in 2011 to help local businesses take advantage of the supply chain opportunities in the development of regional natural gas. Small …Read more
Apr 16, 2020 People & Industry

Brighter and AMMA: Putting Energy and Resources Behind a STEM Future

Thirty years ago computers at work still weren’t overly common, yet most jobs today rely on people using a laptop, phone or tablet. In the same way, STEM skills will be integral to the …Read more
Apr 07, 2020 In The Community

Brighter and the Regional Australia Institute

Regional Australian communities are the lifeline and thread which tie together the many industries which keep our country running. From agriculture, to cross country transport resources sector, Australian regional communities are often considered the …Read more
Apr 06, 2020 People & Industry

‘Pipes in Space’: Winner of In.Site on his Otherworldly Photograph

In.Site highlights the environment, community and people that surround and make the natural gas industry possible.   We all know the natural gas industry plays an important role in powering Australia. The In.Site photographic …Read more
Apr 01, 2020 People & Industry

The Australian Company Revolutionising Industry with Robots

We may not have anti-gravity belts or flying cars (yet), but technology has become a huge part of how we work and play. Industries and businesses around the world are continually adopting cutting edge …Read more
Mar 23, 2020 People & Industry

Meet a Robotics Laboratory Manager

Delene manages the Karda robotics lab in Perth for natural gas company Woodside. In this team, an enquiring mind coupled with a willingness to tackle new challenges can take you far. In October I …Read more
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