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Aug 14, 2019 People & Industry

Premier’s Science Awards (WA) Winners Announced

The Premier’s Science Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of the Western Australian science community. The awards typically go to outstanding scientific research being conducted in WA. The awards cover a diverse range of …Read more
Aug 13, 2019 People & Industry

Meet Mohit, An Example of What’s Achievable with a Career in Chemical Engineering

Mohit Mittal has worn a few different hats in his short career – student, engineer, aspiring cricketer and even a journalist working for a weekly publication in India for six years writing stories related …Read more
Aug 07, 2019 People & Industry

What is STEM?

STEM. It’s an acronym that’s being increasingly thrown around in conversations about education. And it’s not just teachers talking about it either; politicians, celebrities, social media influencers are all abuzz, and so are local …Read more
Aug 01, 2019 People & Industry

Introducing Bright Sparks

Did you know that over half of the Australian population believes jobs in the gas industry are predominantly fly in, fly out? MEET OUR BRIGHT SPARKS: Most Australians also aren’t aware the gas …Read more
Jul 23, 2019 In The Community

Brighter at the Developing Northern Australia Conference

Regional Queensland and its successful relationship with the onshore gas industry was showcased in Western Australia at the Developing Northern Australia Conference last week. The event highlighted the diversification of local economies as a …Read more
Jul 11, 2019 People & Industry

Australians See Exports as a Positive, New Study Finds

Australia is a nation of exports. A diverse range of products leave our shores every year, from livestock, wool and wheat, to iron ore, gold, and, of course, natural gas. According to a survey …Read more
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