May 08, 2024People & Industry

A chat with In.Site ‘Environment’ winner Bindi Gove

The In.Site Photographic Competition seeks to capture the unique beauty of the environments, communities and people that both surround the natural gas industry and make it possible.

The natural gas industry plays a vital role in powering Australia. The competition showcases the strong and constantly growing relationship between the industry and the areas it operates in through photography. A celebration of community and industry achievement.

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The Environment category was won by Bindi Gove, Head of External Affairs at Cooper Energy.

Bindi’s image, ‘The Gas Rich Otway Basin’ captured a panorama of a spectacular stretch of Victorian coastline along the Otway Basin, a backdrop to offshore drilling for the East Coast domestic market for decades.

Ms Gove said, “The tourism, energy and fishing industries have long known about the richness of the Otway coastline. It’s dramatic cliffs and rugged seas have sorted many a seafarer over the years- some without success- hence the legacy of shipwrecks.”

“The abundance of the Otway’s offshore gas has and will continue to contribute to Australia’s economic prosperity. It’s exciting to think that as we move away from higher emitting coal fired power we will move towards the much lower emitting gas to provide the reliability for wind and solar energy in the grid.”

“My photo is not just a celebration of what has been, but what is and will be our future- an area where tourism, agriculture, fishing and the energy sectors operate harmoniously.”

See the full gallery of In.Site 2024 submissions here.