Dec 18, 2018At Home

Energy Saving Tips

Saving energy is actually quite simple if you know how. Changing how you use energy every day is also beneficial for your bank account and the environment. Here are a couple of tips on how to save energy this summer.

Know your energy sources
The best way to save energy is to make sure you’re using an efficient energy source. Natural gas is efficient and cleaner than many other energy sources. It also partners well with sources like solar for uses like hot water, where it’s the most economical, environmentally hot water system available.

Check your Efficiency Stars
If you’re buying new products like fridges, heaters or tumble dryers for your home, make sure you check the energy efficiency stars on the front. It may not seem like much, but higher energy efficiency ratings will save on energy bills and your environmental footprint in the long run. For example, an increase of one star on gas ratings for heaters can save as much as 10% on running costs per year.

Cook with Gas
Gas stovetops are more efficient than electric. The dollar savings you’ll make may not be astronomical, but they heat faster than electric stovetops and do not require new crockery or kitchen equipment to cook on. They also allow for more control when cooking.



Whether you know it or not, gas plays a big part in almost all Australian homes. Most of us use it for cooking, hot showers or weekend BBQs with the family. Gas is also vital in keeping local businesses, schools and hospitals powered and running.