Dec 20, 2018People & Industry

A Training Journey Right to the Top

Meet Kimberly Brewster, the 2018 Australian Apprentice Trainee of the Year.

A highly valued member of the team delivering ConocoPhillips’ Darwin LNG project, Kimberly has a fascinating story of triumph over adversity. After becoming a young mum, Kim experienced homelessness at the age of 19 with two kids under two, but through her own determination, secured a place in a Vocational Education Training course, and was taken on by ConocoPhillips.

Kim joined the ConocoPhillips Australia team as an Admin Trainee, completing her Certificate III in Business Administration. Kim’s now in the final stages of completing her Certificate IV, and continues to advance her career and skills development, having recently moved into the role of Building Services Coordinator. “I’m a proud advocate of the VET sector and am happy to share my experiences with anyone who needs a boost of inspiration or encouragement,” Kim said.

Read Kim’s full story here.




The natural gas industry directly employs thousands of Australians and continues to create jobs in local communities across the country. Not only that, industry jobs are well-paid. The average wage for workers is over $160,000 a year (Australian Bureau of Statistics), which makes it Australia’s highest paying industry. That’s great for those with jobs related to natural gas, but it also helps keep local communities running too.