Oct 26, 2018People & Industry

The Next Generation of Natural Gas Industry Workers

Investing in future generations starts with education and long-term job creation. It’s a truth slowly being embraced across all Australian states, but it’s easier said than done.

In Gippsland, Victoria, ExxonMobil Australia have embraced this truth wholeheartedly and are opening up new opportunities for local young people. Earlier this year the company welcomed 16 new apprentices – all from the local area – to their Longford natural gas facility. This is not to mention the company supporting local employment at their Long Island Point and Altona sites as well.

The new apprentices at Longford are employed by Federation Training and WPC Group and are being trained in technical jobs including mechanical and electrical, giving them skill sets which are highly sought after across a broad array of industries and jobs that usually pay very well.

ExxonMobil Australia Chairman Richard Owen wished the new recruits well. “Our greatest resource is the knowledge that has been built within the workforce over many decades and it continues to grow with each new generation of graduates and apprentices,” he said.

A Federation Training campus based locally in Sale means that new apprentices don’t have to leave their local community for work and off-site training. This is great for new recruits, but it’s also good news for surrounding communities which have expressed concern in the past about losing young families and support for local businesses and essential services.

For more information on Federation Training see their website. For more info on careers at ExxonMobil Australia see their careers page.