May 28, 2020At Home

More Women in STEM Key to Brighter Future

To draw the best talent into our nation’s highly skilled workforce, Australia needs to recruit from its whole population.

That’s why raising the visibility of diverse women in science, technology, engineering and maths is core business for industry and the nation.

Having relatable role models helps to inspire the next generations of young girls to see themselves in STEM careers, which is crucial to help address the under-representation of women in STEM.

This is why Brighter is proud to support Superstars of STEM – one of Australia’s highest profile gender-equity programs. It works to inspire girls and young women across Australia into STEM study and careers.

Delivered by Science & Technology Australia, Superstars of STEM aims to smash gender assumptions about scientists and STEM careers in Australia.

“The Superstars of STEM program helps to boost the public visibility of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” said Misha Schubert, CEO of STA.

“We want young women and girls to see the vast opportunities offered by a career in STEM.”

“Our inspiring Superstars show young girls that they, too, can become engineers, technology experts, mathematical modellers or scientists – and give them a glimpse of what those careers are like.”

“The vast challenges of 2020 – from the summer’s bushfires to hazardous air quality, droughts and floods, and now the COVID-19 crisis – have been powerful reminders that we will always need a strong STEM workforce to help keep us safe in times of crisis.”

One of the 2019 Superstar of STEM participants from the gas industry is Carolyn Thomas, Offshore Risk Environment & Regulatory Supervisor at ExxonMobil Australia.

Carolyn ensures regulatory approvals are in place to operate 17 offshore platforms and associated subsea production systems safely, and without harm to the environment.

Raising the visibility of women in STEM and inspiring young girls into STEM careers is crucial to help ensure Australia’s workforce is diverse, skilled and draws on the widest possible talent pool.

“Brighter’s partnership with STA is critical to raising the profile of STEM and encouraging the next generation of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds to pursue STEM professions,” said APPEA CEO Andrew McConville.

“It is women like Carolyn who are role models that we want to see achieve even greater heights in their chosen field.”

“Our partnerships help connect Superstars of STEM with regional and rural schools, so more young women and girls can hear from women working in science and cutting-edge technology industries.”