May 22, 2020People & Industry

Working Together to Produce Our Most Loved Products

If you’re enjoying a barbecue with your friends this weekend, chances are the glass bottles, aluminium cans and food packaging around you will all have something in common.

They’re all made with natural gas.

Orora – a world leading manufacturer of glass, cardboard, and aluminium packaging supplies – has ten locations across Australia and over 3,000 Australian employees. They take pride in innovative solutions for their customers and supplying millions of Australians with reliable packaging across a wide range of products.

And Orora have been running many of their local manufacturing processes with the help of Australian natural gas.

Orora and Senex Energy signed an agreement for gas supply in 2019 and have been working together to ensure Orora has all the energy it needs to produce and supply packaging for some of our most loved products; like glass bottles for wineries and beverage suppliers.

Across South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, manufacturers O-I also use natural gas to make glass. Cooper Energy, has supplied O-I with gas to make bottles for Carlton United Breweries, bringing us favourites like Crown Lager.

It’s natural gas that’s used to make medical supplies, plastics and new technology products. It’s also natural gas that supports thousands of local jobs in the manufacturing sector.

So next time you pick up a bottle of wine or a box of veggies for a big cook up with your mates, think about how Australians around the country have worked together to bring you the products you love to enjoy.