Sep 01, 2018Clean Energy Future

Australia’s Busiest Airport to Go Renewable

Sydney Airport is busy. With 43 million passengers a year, 350, 000 aircraft passing through, and around 55, 000 staff coming and going in 2017, it uses a lot of energy, too.

In line with the goal of halving their carbon footprint by 2025, Sydney Airport has recently entered an agreement with Origin Energy which will see 75% of the airport’s electricity generated by wind power. The wind will be supplied from the Crudine Ridge Wind Farm, near Mudgee, NSW. The wind farm is currently under construction, but is projected to be fully operational by late 2019.

Origin will directly contract with the wind farm, which means that energy is guaranteed to the airport when the wind isn’t blowing. Renewable energy experts are suggesting that we’ll be seeing more of this type of arrangement across Australia in years to come, as organisations and governments partner renewable energy sources with cleaner fuels like gas for baseload power to meet their sustainability goals.

Origin executive Greg Jarvis says the company is proud to be helping customers reach their sustainability aspirations by helping them procure energy from solar and wind.

The company also recently signed a firming agreement with the University of New South Wales, which is pursuing a solar energy pathway but needs assured and stable energy supply.

For more info on renewable energy at Sydney Airport visit the Origin Energy page here.

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